Building Great Careers

Our store partners are the lifeblood of Marathon Restaurant Group and are the face of our organization. They create genuine connections with our customers, delighting them with outstanding service and delicious food every single day.

As a store partner, you’ll live the Marathon Difference. You will create delicious food and build relationships with our customers and your fellow partners. We offer continuous training, great benefits, and an environment crafted for success. We play an active role in the communities we serve, and we want our store partners to participate. Have a look at our store partner positions below.

Team members get the chance to connect with our customers and brighten their day. Their work goes well beyond creating delicious food. It is about creating a genuine connection with each and every one of our customers.

Drivers have the responsibility of delivering hot, fresh food to our customers. While we preach speed to customers, driver safety is our top priority. Our drivers are the final touchpoint with our customers, and it is crucial for them to deliver outstanding service.

Shift supervisors are operational specialists that keep each of our stores running. Our shift supervisors have the opportunity to run a team and make operational decisions – teaching them valuable leadership skills. Our team members look to shift supervisors as role models in delivering outstanding service and creating genuine connections with customers and fellow store partners.

Shift managers are the leaders in our stores that inspire their fellow store partners to delight our customers. They are key decision-makers that have a major impact on our store operations and the way each shift is run. Throughout their journey as a shift manager, they will develop the management skills to eventually run a store themselves. They help to manage the store’s sales and expenses, build team schedules, and nurture talent amongst their team.

Assistant restaurant general managers develop their management skills through a 6- to 12-month training program that helps them grow their leadership abilities, coaching skills, and business knowledge. While managing a team in-store, they are learning the intricacies of how to run their own store, how to lead great teams, and how to create a store environment that customers and store partners want to come to everyday.

Restaurant general managers connect with our store partners, our customers, and our communities. They are the embodiment of the values and purpose set forth at Marathon. They believe in taking part in something bigger and inspiring positive change in their community and in the world around us. They run and grow their store as an owner, by hiring and training great teams and creating a welcoming environment for our customers. They enjoy the challenges of running their own business, while leveraging our world-class brand and best-in-class business practices.

Area managers lead a multi-store franchise and get to see the business at a higher level. They lead and train other leaders within the organization, while coaching their development and creating opportunities for growth. They are responsible for all of the stores in their area, and are in charge of creating and implementing strategies for success in their market.

Regional directors provide leadership for a broad base of stores, driving the long-term growth and success of new and existing stores in their region. They are responsible for developing enthusiastic, ambitious, and effective leaders that will bring the Marathon values to life. They are visionaries of the company, and play a major role in guiding Marathon’s operating strategy.